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Our Philosophy & Values

The Best Relationships are Based on Trust - Our Philosophy

We aim to provide you with exceptional service, value for money and to give your furry family the best veterinary care possible.

Full veterinary services at Happy Paws Vet Clinic Coombabah with our smiling, happy vets

Here at Happy Paws we believe that the best relationships are based on honesty and trust.

We want you and your fur babies to have confidence in your entire veterinary team! You and your pet will be treated the way we ourselves would like to be treated. We will strive to provide you with exceptional service and give your furry family the best veterinary care possible so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our aim is to be your local, friendly, family vet. A place where you get to know each of us by name, where you recognize all the faces and where we get to know you the same way!

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of care for your pet. This means that we will always recommend and offer what we feel is the gold standard of treatment for your fur baby.

However, we also understand that sometimes this option may not always be financially viable for everyone and we will work with you to come up with a diagnostic and /or treatment plan that suits you and your pet.

To book a consultation or to chat with our team, please contact Happy Paws today.

The team of vets and vet nurses


Provide only the best for your pet

Provide access to leading technology and diagnostic capabilities.

Care about your family

Treat your pet as your family and ours!

Seek and solve

Identify and solve problems.

Are here for you

Make ourselves available and strive to accommodate you and your needs.

Make our kitty-cats comfortable

Recognise that your cat needs a specialised and comfortable consultation room.

Welcome with snacks and scratches!

Greet your four-legged friend with a cuddle and a treat. And even the humans can enjoy a hot beverage.

Go above and beyond

Go above and beyond to help achieve the desired outcome.

Always smell pretty

Provide fresh, clean, and hygienic hospital facilities.


Compromise on quality or care

We will always offer gold standard care for your pets.

Rush your appointments

Our standard consultation run for 30 minutes.

Leave them without cuddles while in our care

We are quality over quantity. Our nurse to patient ratio is higher than average to provide bespoke care to your furbabies.

Stop looking for the answer

Our pets can't talk to us, so we will utilise a range of diagnostics and work with other veterinary professionals and specialists to ensure we have all bases covered.

Stop learning and developing our skills

Every Happy Paws team member undergoes continuous personal and professional development to ensure we can be the best we can be for you and your pets.

Make our clients feel judged

Although we always offer gold standard treatment and care, we understand this may not be available for everyone and we will work with you to achieve positive outcomes for your pet. We get it - quality veterinary services and care is expensive. We'll work with you to achieve positive outcomes for your pet no matter for financial situation.

Keep you in the dark

We believe in telling it how it is. This means you will always receive open, honest communication from us and no surprises when your pet goes home.


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