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We are a cat friendly clinic

The Very Best in Veterinary Care for Kitty Cats

We’ve designed the Happy Paws clinic with your feline friends in mind, ensuring they receive the top-level care and comfort they deserve.

Happy Paws vet nurse giving kitty cat cuddles

What Makes Us Special & Why You And Your Kitty Cats Will Love Us?

Dedicated Cat Consultation Room: To minimize stress, we have two special consultation room just for cats, free from any unsettling smells.

Comfortable Cat Only Ward: Our cat only ward features ISFM-approved condos with plug in Feliway Diffuser, providing your cat with a sense of security allowing for cozy hiding spots

Treats and Bribes: We’re not shy about using treats to win over our feline friends!

Calming Pheromones: We use a product called Feliway to aid in alleviating signs associated with fear and stress and help to create a soothing atmosphere for our cat patients.

Proactive Medication: We believe in proactive care and will prescribe medications such as Gabapentin to help your cat feel more relaxed before and throughout their visit.

Stay Together: To keep your cat calm, they’ll stay with you throughout their visit, even during surgery. You’ll be with them in the consultation room while they gently drift off to sleep.

Our dedicated staff are trained to provide the best care for your feline family members. We’ve also put together some helpful tips to help you manage stressful situations and make things easier for both you and your cat.

We look forward to welcoming you and your feline companion to our clinic.

Cat Care Resources

International Cat Care

As a soon to be ISFM accredited cat friendly clinic, we highly recommend the following resources and advice.

Our Cat Only Clinic Entrance

Cat Only

It’s finally finished!! Our cat only entrance and consult rooms are open and ready for your frisky felines! 🐈‍⬛ if you have a kitty cat and are planning a visit to our clinic, be sure to use this entrance on the left hand side 😻 watch this space to stay up to date on our progress to achieve the Gold Accreditation for a cat friendly clinic!

Posted by Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic on Thursday, 15 February 2024


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