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Pet Dentistry

Dentistry is our passion here at Happy Paws

We strongly believe in the benefits of preventive dentistry to keep your pet’s mouth and the rest of their health in tip-top shape.

Happy Paws vet check a doggo's teeth during a pet dentistry service

Did you know that 80% of pets over the age of 3 have significant periodontal disease?

Unlike us humans, in general, pets don’t complain about dental disease or go off their food, but make no mistake, it absolutely affects their quality of life! Infection in the mouth (such as tartar, inflamed gums, bad breath and sometimes broken or loose teeth) can affect your fur baby’s entire body as the bacteria are absorbed into the bloodstream and circulate around their body. It is also usually painful to varying degrees and can even make them feel depressed!

Clients regularly report back to us after their pet’s dental procedure saying things like ‘Fluffy is like a kitten/puppy again” and “I had no idea that dental disease was affecting them so much!’
So not only is dentistry good for your pet, it’s also a bit self-serving for us, as we love seeing your reaction and hearing the positive results you witness in your pet.

We are equipped with the latest in dental radiology which allows our vets to see inside of your pets’ teeth and areas below the gum line which we cannot see on physical examination. We also have advanced equipment’s which enable us to carry out simple dental procedures all the way through to the more complex extractions and oral surgeries.

To support all owners in keeping on top of their pets’ dental hygiene we perform 3 monthly dental checks after a scale & polish procedure with one of our friendly nurses.

We also stock a range of preventative dental products and our staff are more than happy to walk you through how to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene in between dental procedures.

To book your pet in for a dental checkup or for concerns about their teeth, call Happy Paws today.


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