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Starting off 2024 with your friendly Coombabah Vet

Nurse Ash and guest in clinic, Porsha.
Nurse Ash and guest in clinic, Porsha.

Yes, 2024 is well and truly underway. January  has been a hectic start to the year here at Happy Paws, your local Coombabah Veterinary Clinic. In is going to be another fab year helping all the doggos and kitties (and their hoomans), many of which reside in our local Coombabah community and surrounding Gold Coast suburbs (we welcome all!)

In this article, we’ve got your New Year’s resolution sorted: dental health and hygiene for your pet, plus we say hello to some regular and a first time doggo and kitty visitors (have you seen our ever growing Furry Family Wall of Happy Heroes?). We also provide a reminder of the importance of tick prevention and how best to look after your furbabies during these mighty hot summer months. You may have also noticed the lovely Anna who joined the awesome Vet team around 3 weeks ago for her university placement. And yes, we do offer GapOnly as a payment option. We explain more below.

Enjoy the wrap up and if you would like to chat with us about any pet care matters, we are here to listen, guide and assist.


New Year’s resolution sorted: Pet dental health and hygiene

Closeup of doggo's teeth and gums
Dental checks on all our pets is super important, starting from a very young age. Dr Jess, Dr Tiana and Dr Vanessa check to make sure all the deciduous (baby) teeth are coming through correctly during our puppy and kitten health checks. Our team can identify overcrowding, retained deciduous teeth as well as missing and fractured teeth which can be very painful and cause lifelong dental issues.

Our advice to you –  Get your fur kids used to having their mouth examined. Puppies should have 28 teeth and kittens 26. These super sharp needles (aka. deciduous teeth) are replaced by adult teeth, 42 in a dog and 30 in a cat! Btw, can you spot the baby tooth in this pic above?


Pink is in!Nurse Ash and guest in clinic, Porsha

Whoever said blondes have more fun, clearly never dyed their hair pink! 😎 We couldn’t resist getting a picture of Nurse Ash and guest in clinic, Porsha.



Curious doggo
GapOnly reviews and calculates your pet insurance claim while you wait. We explain GapOnly more here. If you are wanting to utilise GapOnly at your next visit, please be sure to flag this to our team so we can do our best to try and accommodate.


It sure has been hot! Please check your pet’s ears.

Panting puppy at the vet

Keep an eye on your fur kid’s ears. With all the crazy heat, wet, humidity of late, have you noticed your fur kid is shaking their head or scratching their ears more than usual? It might indicate a problem with their ears. It’s a good idea to check your pet’s ears when you’re giving them a pat or brush. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • black or waxy discharge in the ear canals
  • red scratches on their ears
  • a yeasty or strong odour coming from the ear canal
  • irritation or pain when you touch their ears

If you notice any of the above or have any concerns, it is always best to bring them in for a check-up.


Hey Ziggy, all is good

Ziggy with a concerned look on his face
“You’re going to put the thermometer where?!” Ziggy. All went well, btw 🙂


Importance of regular paralysis tick prevention

Cute kitty looking straight at camera

Regular paralysis tick prevention is really important for all our pets! Tick paralysis causes progressive weakness of your pet’s muscles, and can therefore cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties, leg weakness, a different-sounding “meows” and “woofs” and regurgitation. Severe cases can sadly prove fatal, even with treatment.

It’s best to apply veterinary standard tick prevention to your feline friends and precious pooches on a regular basis, and check them for ticks daily during peak tick season. Ask our friendly team of vets for advice on how to best protect your best mate against these dangerous parasites. Also see Protecting your pet with pet vaccinations and flea and tick prevention


Thank You, Anna

Placement student Anna holding a kitty at Happy Paws clinic

Have you noticed a new face around clinic? If you’ve been in to see us in the last couple of weeks, you may have come across Anna. Anna is going into her fourth year of veterinary studies through Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga and currently undertaking her first clinical placement.

Under the mentorship of our veterinary team, Anna has been building practical skills and broadening her knowledge tackling some of varied cases that come through our doors.

Whilst she’s only with us for a short time, already it feels like she is a part of the Happy Paws family and we wish her every success in her studies … and who knows … maybe, we’ll see her again in the future! Continue striving for paws-itive outcomes for all pets and their owner’s Anna!


Rocky, Joey and Steve

First time visitors to the clinic, Rocky, Joey and Steve

We welcome these gorgeous fur kids to the clinic this Jan. And importantly Steve, pounced on the opportunity to have her vaccination and is now protected against some particularly nasty illnesses such as Feline parvovirus and calicivirus. Despite the National feline vaccination shortage, we have been lucky enough to get our paws on some cat/kitten vaccinations.

If you have been holding off on booking in your feline friend, get in touch with us today.


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We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of care for your pet.

Our objective is to be your trusted local, approachable, and family-oriented veterinary clinic. A place where both you and your four-legged companions become familiar with each member of our team by name, where every face at Happy Paws is a familiar one, and where we take the time to know you just as well!

Whether you’re new to the Coombabah and surrounds local area, seeking a nearby vet, or simply looking for professional and compassionate care for your furry loved ones, we’re here for you. We always strive to provide you with exceptional service, value for money and to give your furry family the best veterinary care possible. Simply get in touch with the friendly Happy Paws Vet team.🐾💙

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