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What’s been happening at your local, friendly, family vet this month?

Dusty visiting Happy Paws vet clinic, Arundal
Dusty visiting Happy Paws vet clinic, Arundal

It’s been another busy month in our Coombabah vet clinic. We’ve had lots of scheduled (and some non-scheduled) kitty cat and doggo visitors during August.  Our dedicated, gorgeous team ensure you and your fur babies have total confidence in every member of our veterinary team, whenever you visit. And btw, great news, Happy Paws Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce that as of Saturday 9 September 2023, we will be open EVERY Saturday from 8am to 12midday to better serve you and your pets 🐶🐱🐾

We 100% believe you and your beautiful pet should be treated exactly the way we ourselves would like to be treated, and that’s precisely how it all unfolded again during August. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of our clinic visitors during the month.



Dusty, visitor to Happy Paws vet clinic

We posted on Facebook a little while back about Mr Party-too-hard-Dusty (x-rays showed he had fractured his toe partying too hard over the weekend). Well, he’s had a couple of outfit changes throughout his recovery. Check out Dr Jess’s pawesome cast art. Dusty’s gone from Disco-Dusty, to Spidey-Dusty, to Ouchy-Dusty, to … well, why not, it’s all the rage, Barbie-Dusty!


Miss Niko

Niko, visitor to Happy Paws vet clinic

Little Miss Niko is small in stature but BIG in personality. Niko’s hoooman mumma noticed that she had a sore eye and contacted us to book an appointment straight away. Sore or irritated eyes are definitely not something to be ignored and can have a painful and even irreparable effect on your pet’s health and quality of life. Our pet’s eyes have the ability to change drastically and other than experiencing discomfort, in some cases if left untreated, a pet could end up with vision loss. However, a large portion of eye conditions are treatable if they are diagnosed early.



Lola, visitor to Happy Paws vet clinic

Lola’s fashion philosophy? Dog/Cat Hair? No, no no … it’s fur-fetti!! And if you’re not covered it in it your life is empty. Lola’s willing to give big cuddles and kisses to show you how this works.



Cooper, visitor to Happy Paws vet clinic

Cooper and his floofy buddy were overheard chatting post Cooper’s desexing procedure. Using special veterinary technology we were able to translate some of their conversation.

Floofy Buddy “… so I heard you’re a dog magician right?”
Cooper “yeah, I’m a labracadabrador.”
Floofy Buddy “ooooh what’s your name, I’ll share it amongst the pack”
Cooper “my name’s Cooper but I’m still looking for a stage name that just screams ‘I’m a star’!, any suggestions?”
Floofy Buddy “well there’s Cleocatra, Bing Clawsby, Chairman Meow or maybe something like Alexander the Grey, Mary-Louise Barker, Bettie Poops, Virginia Woof, Iggy Pup … wait a minute, what are you doing here, did your escape act go wrong today or something?”
Cooper “nope, today’s act was a disappearing trick, you see, I had these two balls —“

Unfortunately, we experienced an error with our super-hi-tech translating machine and were unable to capture anything beyond this point but you get the gist.

If you have a pet at home that needs to experience a desexing disappearing trick contact us today to chat through what’s involved.



Yoda, visitor to Happy Paws vet clinic

Greetings to you from Yoda. Size matters not. Can you guess what breed he is? You must unlearn what you have learned. Patience you must have.



Rocky, visitor to happy Paws vet clinicRocky’s not letting a bit of rain dampen his vet visit. This handsome young boy came in with his hooooman to get his vaccinations all up to date and now he’s all protected.


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